The purpose of the Interprofessional OUD ECHO® program is to offer continued learning opportunities about the assessment and treatment of opioid use disorders (OUD) for healthcare teams that are already prescribing buprenorphine to patients in Illinois. This sixth-month program will be led by an interprofessional team of subject matter experts (prescribers, social workers, counselors, peer recovery coaches, nurses, medical assistants, case managers, pharmacists, etc.) who will help the healthcare team's members better understand how to effectively work together to provide the highest quality of care to patients with OUD. This training opportunity is funded by the Illinois Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SUPR) to increase access to Medication Assisted Recovery (MAR) in Illinois.


Learning Objectives. By the end of the Interprofessional OUD ECHO® Program, participants will be able to:

(1) Build processes and workflows that allow their healthcare team to deliver OUD treatment services and linkages to other services as available

(2) Incorporate harm reduction philosophies and principles into their healthcare team's treatment of patients living with OUD

(3) Strengthen their healthcare team's ability to collaboratively provide the highest quality of care to patients with opioid use disorder (OUD)


Disclosure Statement (nothing to disclose). The course director(s), planner(s), faculty and reviewer(s) of this activity have no relevant financial relationship(s) with ineligible companies to disclose.


Who Should Apply?

Teams who apply must be comprised of at least one Illinois provider (i.e., Physician, Advance Practice Nurse or Physician Assistant) who is already prescribing buprenorphine, as well as at least one member from their support team who is not a provider (i.e., social worker, counselor, peer recovery coach, nurse, medical assistant, case manager, pharmacist, information tech, receptionist, etc.). The maximum team size is seven members. Eligible teams must commit to these three requirements:

  1. Team members are expected to attend at least nine of the twelve twice-a-month ECHO® sessions on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 12pm-1pm (starting 2/8/24 and ending 7/25/24). See the schedule here.
  2. Each healthcare team must prepare at least one patient case and present it during one of the twelve ECHO® sessions. The team will be asked to develop key case questions so that they can receive constructive feedback from the other ECHO® participants and the subject matter expert team.
  3. During the twelve ECHO® sessions, team members will be asked to work collaboratively via Zoom as they engage in didactics (15 minutes per session) and discuss challenging cases (45 minutes per session). Participants must have access to computers with video capabilities and stable internet connections. Given that this training is designed to be interactive, participants must commit to turning on their computer's video to ensure effective collaboration.


What Incentives Can Team Members Receive?

Each participating team member can earn a training reimbursement of up to $600.* If eligible, team members can also earn continuing education credit according to the accreditation and designation statements on the next page.

*Participants who attend less than six sessions will not receive any training reimbursement. Participants who attend six or more sessions will be paid a training reimbursement of $50 per session attended.

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