This program is designed to train Illinois providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurse midwives, social workers, peer recovery coaches, medical assistants, doulas, etc.) in the assessment and treatment of opioid use disorders in their clinical settings for pregnant individuals. The training will provide not only clinical guidance but also provide technical support around the clinical workflows, policies, and protocols to ensure compliance with clinical standards and evidence-based practice. Each participant will receive a certificate, approximately 12 hours of continuing education credits, and training reimbursement upon full completion.

Program Co-Directors: Sarah Messmer, MD and Kathy Wollner, MD

Fellowship Components Include:
1. Cohort 1: (9/21/22 - 3/15/23)
2. Cohort 2: (6/21/23 - 12/6/23)
3. Cohort 3: (4/3/24 - 9/18/24)

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