Award: $250 (up to two awards may be given)

Purpose: To recognize an individual nurse who has influenced nursing practice through expertise in patient care; utilization of innovative, evidence-based practices; and mentorship of nursing peers. One award is available for a Gamma Phi member who is also a member of Rush Shared Governance, and a second award is available for a Gamma Phi member who is not a member of Rush Shared Governance.


  1. Demonstrates breadth of knowledge in an area of clinical nursing practice.
  2. Utilizes innovative, evidence-based approaches to nursing practice that contribute to quality patient care.
  3. Recognized as a clinical expert.
  4. Promotes clinical expertise in nursing peers through mentorship/preceptorship and the development of educational resources.

Selection: By consensus of the Award Committee.

Please submit:

  1. A concise statement (no more than 200 words) from the nominee that indicates how he/she specifically addresses each of the award criteria.
  2. Two letters of support (one from a Gamma Phi member) reflecting how the nominee meets the award criteria. The nominee is responsible to ensure the letters of support are submitted.
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