Award: $100 (up to two awards may be given)


To encourage scholarly development of ideas on topics related to the goals of Sigma Theta Tau published as books, book chapters, and professional journals. Must be peer-reviewed.


  1. Open to all Gamma Phi members, in addition to all Rush nurses and all nursing students enrolled at Rush University.
  2. Topic related to the goals of Sigma Theta Tau, such as issues of scholarship, clinical practice, research, or service.
  3. Article/chapter/book has been published. Materials that have been accepted for publication or are currently in press can be submitted during the subsequent review cycle.
  4. The submission should have been published during the two years prior to the nomination.
  5. Only one submission per author will be considered in any one year for this award.

Please submit:

  1. An electronic file of the publication

Selection: By consensus of the Award Committee.

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