No trainings have been scheduled for 2024, but we encourage you to complete this application to stay informed about updates and announcements.

Goal of Program

The Perinatal NET (Narrative Exposure Therapy) Training program is designed to provide training and consultation to care providers (psychologists, licensed and trained counselors, physicians, nurse practitioners, doulas, etc.) on perinatal trauma treatment using Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), a brief, culturally inclusive intervention for traumatic stress disorders. We will learn to use NET with specific emphasis on pregnancy, postpartum, and the early childhood period (0-5 years) ("Perinatal NET").

Description of Program

Perinatal NET Training is based on an experiential learning model which combines instruction, role-play, processing self-experienced stressful events in a confidential setting, self-reflection, developing body awareness (sometimes called "interoception"), and giving and receiving peer feedback, as well as receiving expert trainer feedback via monthly consultations. We hope this model will increase the group's skills and confidence in delivering evidence-based interventions (EBIs) for perinatal trauma.

Components of Program

The Perinatal NET Training Program includes three components*.

1. Each trainee will attend ONE intensive 3-day online workshop.

    • Workshops will be held from 9am-4pm CST.
    • Participation is expected for the entire duration of the workshop.
    • 2024 dates: No trainings have been scheduled for 2024. We will be in touch as soon as new dates become available.

2. Each trainee will submit a work sample to be evaluated by expert NET trainers.

3. Trainees are invited to participate in monthly 2-hour group consultations with other perinatal trauma EBI providers for 12 months beginning the month following the 3-day workshop.

    • Trainees in consultation will submit a single de-identified NET therapy with a perinatal client, consisting of assessments, lifeline, at least 3 exposure transcripts, and 1 recorded exposure session.
    • Consultations will be held Tuesdays from 9am-11am CST.

*Continuing Education (CE) credits include 16.75 credits (CNE/CME/SW/PSCH) for the 3-day workshop and 1 credit per monthly consultation session.

Trainees will also be asked to complete a series of surveys given at pre-training and 2 distinct time points (6 and 12 months) in the 1-year period following the intensive 3-day workshop. These surveys will help us assess the impact of the program. They will ask about trainees' background information (role, title, professional background, etc.) and experiences with providing evidence-based treatments, how providing services impacts them personally, etc. Each survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Dr. Natalie Stevens will use the data collected from the surveys to tailor the program and to assess its feasibility/appropriateness as well as the trainees' satisfaction and level of comfort, skill, and confidence delivering EBIs for traumatic stress disorders. The information may help the trainers improve and expand future trainings.

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