Thank you for your interest in the Communicating the External Beam Radiation Experience (CEBRE) en Español discussion guides. The CEBRE en Español discussion guides are designed to be used during the physician-patient discussion at initial consultation. They are not intended to supplant traditional literature provided to patients about the radiation treatment process, but rather to enhance physician-patient communication.

After completing this brief survey you will be able to download the CEBRE en Español discussion guides (general, lung, breast, and prostate), instructions for use, and associated customization printer templates. Your information will be kept confidential. You will be contacted via e-mail no more than twice per year to determine if and how you are utilizing the CEBRE en Español discussion guide(s) in your clinical practice.

Please contact Dan Golden at with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

The CEBRE en Español Research Team

Daniel Golden MD MHPE
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology
RUSH University Medical Center

Tomoko Ichikawa
Clinical Professor of Design
Institute of Design
Illinois Institute of Technology

Pilar Ortega MD
Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medical Education
University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine

Funded by the University of Chicago Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence and the Radiation Oncology Institute

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