Invitation to Participate in Research and Research Screener


Thank you for your interest in participating in the study titled Knowledge Translation in Action: Integrating Adolescent Culture into Client-Centered and Occupation-Based Practice.

In this study, we hope to explore occupational therapy practitioners’ perspectives on knowledge translation of (1) client-centered and (2) occupation-based practices that embody the adolescent culture and role identity formation in youth with disabilities.

You are eligible to participate in this study if you are an occupational therapy practitioner (18+ years) who works with adolescents with disabilities.

If you agree to participate in the study, you will be asked to complete a set of online surveys (15-20 minutes to complete). The surveys are anonymous, and your personal information will not be collected. Your responses to the surveys will not be shared with anyone outside of this study. You will not be paid for being in this study. Your participation is voluntary, and you may stop the survey at any time. If you choose not to participate in this study or to leave the study at any time, your health care, benefits, or relationship at Rush University Medical Center will not change or be affected.

Please forward this to friends or colleagues who may be interested in participating. We would love to get their input as well!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Evguenia S. Popova, PhD, OTR/L ( and Erin Peterson ( Questions about the rights of research participants may be addressed to the Rush University Medical Center Office of Research Affairs at 1-800-876-0772.

Thank you for your time!

Please complete the questions below to confirm your eligibility to participate. By clicking “SUBMIT” below, you agree to participate and will be redirected to our survey.

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