Please complete the form below to register for the ROECSG Spring Symposium on Friday May 31, 2024. The meeting will be hybrid (in-person at RUSH University Medical Center and virtual). Please indicate your current plans below with regards to attending in-person or virtually. A survey will be sent to all registrants to confirm plans for attendance (in-person vs virtual) approximately 1 month in advance.

Abstract submission is separate. The link to submit an abstract can be found at the 2024 Spring Symposium section of the ROECSG website. Abstract submission will open 11/1/23 and will close 2/26/24.

Note: If you are registering after May 24, 2024, your name and contact information may not be included in the list of attendees.

Please enter your e-mail address after submitting the registration form to receive a confirmation e-mail with a PDF copy of your registration and some travel and lodging recommendations for Chicago.

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