In the interest of providing interim support to researchers on faculty at Rush University Medical Center, the institution has committed resources for bridge funding of our most promising investigators. The period of support is for one year. Applications are accepted from researchers who have recently received strong, competitive scores on R- or P-type grants (or equivalents) from federal granting agencies (e.g. NIH, DOD, NSF, NAS), yet just missed the pay lines. Innovative translational, basic science, clinical, population-based or health services research will all be supported with this program. The intent of this program is to support talented investigators who are likely to develop sustainable and impactful research programs by providing resources to bridge intervals in which the investigator does not have federal funding. This program will be periodically evaluated to determine its effectiveness.

At the end of this form you will be required to upload the following documents in one (1) PDF.

  • PI NIH bio sketch
  • Scored grant
  • Summary statement (pink sheet)
  • Two-page plan describing how the investigator will respond to the critiques and what experiments or additional research the investigator wishes to be funded in order to strengthen their resubmission application.
  • Budge (PHS 398, pages 4 and 5)

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